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Change Your Web Site to Explode Your Sales, P1

If it's not working change it. Change is good for business and web site marketing!


Are you making this mistake with your web site? Too many web site owners look at their site as an online brochure. They use it as little more than a place to store their office hours, product or service list. A different way has emerged. Now your web site can be used as an effective marketing tool. Used in the right way, it can spear-head many successful marketing campaigns for you in the near future.

Did you know that many of your prospects (even locally) will type your business name or web site name in Google to see what you offer? Often they are looking to see what you offer compared to your competitor. Recently, Calif. based USC Annenberg School said from 2005 research, 78.6 Americans go online. An almost equally large percentage 72.3 say that the search engines provide whatever information they are looking for.

Find out what it takes to put the right sales language, content on your web site and bring more targeted visitors (visitors looking for what you have to offer.) Know the robots of the various search engines examine web sites daily looking for good key word food, free information, and content.

To begin to effectively use your web site to attract leads and customers; use it to let prospective clients know who you are. Offer valuable content related to your expertise. Educate, inform them, improve their lives, their bottom line to attract them back over and over like bees to honey. Soon you will become Top-Pick over your competition.

Here's the checklist to revise your web site for explosive sales:

_____1. Prepare to succeed with a plan.

A plan will make sure your web site is headed in the right direction. Make a short list of the top 3-4 goals for your site. Like, what kind of visitors do you want to attract-leads, subscribers, product, or service customers. Consider who your target market is. How do you plan to market your web site? What are your Web site's contacts and financial goals.

_____2. Rewrite your headlines. Make sure they lead your prospects to your sales page.

Put headlines filled with benefits on your home page to direct people to your sales letter. Develop the skill of writing headlines. Provocative statements capture our attention like a fish on a hook. They reel a captive audience in every time.

Example Tip: here's a shocking headline a sex therapist used 'Wives Who Don't Want Sex.' Even if his web visitors didn't have this problem, it got the attention of the curious.

_____3. Create a Sales Letter for each service or product.

"Only words sell. Flashy even great looking websites don't convince anyone to call, email you and foremost of all buy. Only words can do that. In your sales letter, give your web site visitors a reason why they should buy from you.

_____4. Write compelling copy to keep your visitor reading.

Check your copy for dud phrases. Are you using over-worked phrases like Welcome to the official site of _____, to find out about ME, MY Company, My Achievements click here, or Sign-up for my FREE ezine. Use wording that will convince your prospects to keep reading, trust you and take action. Insert benefit loaded headlines, bullets and even links.

If you are getting traffic from article writing, continue to write them. If you are getting consistent sign-ups from your newsletter, improve your letter and grow your subscriber lists. Do not drift far from your original plan. Keep your main efforts centered on getting better results from methods that have already worked for you.

You have a great business. Your success and efforts deserve to go to the next level with web site marketing. Keep an open mind and heart to new but (proven) ideas through internet marketing strategies. A proverbial writer once said, "An intelligent man is open to new ideas, in fact he looks for them." Be willing to take the time and invest the money to improve your Web site for better results. You'll be glad you did especially after your sales explode. Enjoy the journey and life is made easier.

Change Your Web Site to Explode Sales, Part 1


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